Counting Days

We ain't got time to learn
even got no time to burn
we've been apart from the start
and still you feel so close

i wonder if there will
if i'm the one to fulfill
will it be more than a dream
or will it be like a dream

leave me a message, give me a call,
please, please remember us after all
leave me a light on and an open door,
let me sneek in to find out if there's 'us' after all


i won't ask you 'bout the past
i read our future out the weather forecast

you never left, still you're gone
in less than a second you'd overthrown
all that i wanted didn't count no more
instead i counted days

only one night left until we meet
to meet you again is all i need
if i see you again i hope i understand
how you bewitched my heart

leave me a message...

(Malte Lemke)