Like A Buttercup

So tell me baby, what do you need, yeah
Tell me please, tell me please
If there is anything I can do… for you
Tell me please, tell me please

Cause I’ve been…

Wondring what you may like
Wondring what I could buy
To show you that I still care
Something you would love to wear

Or is it priceless what you dream off
Made by skills I dream off
Like a basket knotted from
A rainbows drops and columns


But everything (that) I make up
Just stays for one season like a buttercup
Well nothing lasts - it just fades away
But I won’t let our love fade the same

I found some sweets, sweetheart
J’ai composé la plus douce tarte
Look, I made you honey, honey
you could-have almost all my money

the only thing I need
is to give you what you seek
you give sense to my existence
just with our co-existance

(Malte Lemke)