We have been around since 2008 when Valentina (our lead singer), Malte (our guitarist and songwriter) and Maik (our drummer) first got together. New Believers joined us in 2010: Viktor (our singing violinist) and Tine (our accordionist). In 2011, Lars (our bassist) completed the band— and gave us a good reason to record a new album soon!

In the three and a half years of our band's history, we have played more than one hundred and fifty shows. We are also very passionate about street music. Seeing eye to eye with our audience. we like to play anywhere and everywhere: in the streets of large cities and small towns, at street festivals and in market places all over Europe. In 2011, we were mostly on the road in Northern Germany, and in 2010, we toured through France and Spain for a month.



As a two to six-piece band, we perform at balls, award shows, galas, receptions, festivals, street festivals, matinees, weddings, birthdays, in clubs and bars, cultural institutions and restaurants.

If you are interested in booking us, just write us an email or give us a call! 



valentine.believers[at]gmail.com                                                                                                                                       [0176 - 66162233]